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StreetSpeak® Speaking for Success Workshops


In addition to our broad array of professional services, we also provide very popular, issue driven, role play-based training workshops for financial service marketing and investment professionals. These services are provided through our program, StreetSpeak, and include:

  • Media training

  • Executive Presentation Training

  • Sales Presentation Training and Finals Coaching

Media Training Programs

Executives who go through our Speaking for Success media interview workshop learn how to marshal their thoughts in a news interview, stay on track and make their points persuasively and succinctly—whether the interview is in-person, on-the-air, or over the phone. They also learn—through active participation in role play-based, simulated news interviews—how to prepare, practice and think in sound-bites.

Executive Presentation Skills

Designed for senior executives and others who, although they are experienced presenters, want to sharpen and polish their skills, explore new ways of delivering their message, develop more confidence as speakers, or simply enhance their presentation presence.

A secondary benefit of this particular workshop is that it often serves as a valuable team-building exercise and, for that reason, is quite popular with sales teams and others who must work together as a collegial and cohesive group. 

Sales Presentation Training and Finals Coaching

Amidst all the uncertainty of today’s volatile markets, one thing is clear: pension funds, foundations and endowments, institutional investors and consultants are reviewing the performance of their investment managers more closely than ever before. 

We work with you to fine-tune message points that will resonate with consultants and prospective clients and investor so that you deliver winning pitches in year-end reviews and finals presentations with clarity, conviction and confidence.

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